Click below to hear The Magical Raibow Teddies every Sunday Morning at 9am.

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 A  Radio Programme specially for children  called “Follow the Rainbow” with the Magical Teddies and Marcella goes live to air every Sunday morning at 9am on Community Radio Station, Yarra Valley FM 99.1 in Melbourne, Australia.Assisted by the Magical Rainbow Teddies, Marcella offers a mix of original content-Songs and Stories sent down to Earth for children everywhere by the  Magical Teddies, which reminds Children how special, beautiful and lovely they are, as well as published and traditional material,including artists such as Hi 5, The Wiggles,Barney,Bananas in Pygamas and more.

  *Songs  the Magical Teddies have sent down to earth include: "Everything about You is Wonderful and Lovely", "Oh Lovely One", "Hey, You're a Child! the Best Thing There Could BE!","Just Because of You" and many more. There are also poems like "What is a Child?" and "Don't Let the World Ever!". Marcella has been hosting the show since March 2001, and loves doing it. She also invites children to be guests on the Show, where they can bring in their own music to play, make announcements, read a story, say Hello to their friends and generally have a lot of fun *!
            YARRA VALLEY FM 99.1  every Sunday at 9am!