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10 Uplifting Songs and Poems for Children for $5. Digital download only.

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Marcella Sharp - famous for The Magical Teddies has put together this wonderful Magical Pack of uplifting songs and poems for younger children. Each song and poem has a special message for your child to help them feel special and unique and foster positive self esteem.

Each song and peom is easy to listen to and sing along with.


 Magical Teddies Package
10 Songs for $5

Songs and poems included

What is a Child (poem)
Everything About You
Hey, You're are a Child
Don't Let The World (poem)
Just Because of You
Unique (poem)
Good Things
The World Doesn't Mean To (poem)
Oh Lovely One.



Note to parents!

This package is a valuable resource, which children can listen to over and over so as to reaffirm a sense of their self-worth, value, confidence and loveability